A Re-Take on Resolutions

Hi friends!

Can you believe that the holidays are already over? It seems like only yesterday I was in the middle of finals, dreaming of a White Christmas and eating entirely too much. And now we’re coming up on a brand new year! There’s always something exciting about new things—especially New Year’s resolutions. But if you know me at all, you know that I’m incredibly distracted, and that the most I can hold one of my resolutions is two months, max.


So I’ve decided to take a new look at resolutions—instead of two or three yearly resolutions, I’ve come up with 52 mini-ones! At the end of each week, I’ll post what resolution I tackled and what I learned! Maybe I’ll end up keeping a few. ;)  If you’re looking for some inspiration of your own feel free to look at this list or here. Without further ado…

The Life List for 2014.

Learn to introduce myself in three languages.

Write a letter to a friend from back home.

Learn seven different yoga poses and add one onto each day.

Make a recipe I have pinned to Pinterest.

Learn a song on the piano. {Completed Jan. 25th, 2014!}

Take a picture every day and make a collage.

Make dinner for somebody.

Get up half an hour earlier and enjoy the morning.

Learn a dance move so I’m not that awkward person at a party.

Listen to a completely random artist each day this week.

Read a short book and write a review.

Watch a TED talk.

Perfect an accent.

Watch a scary movie and write a review on it.

Save money I would have spent on coffee, etc. and at the end of the week donate it.

Spend an hour doing nothing each day this week.

Check my phone only when I get a text or call, and only being on the computer for social media for 15 minutes each day. {this is going to be tough…}

Spend at least a half an hour in nature every day this week.

Volunteer outside of what I usually do.

Explore a hidden place in my city and spend at least 2 hours learning all about it.

Write a short story.

Buy something online. Completed Jan. 4th, 2014!

Sign up for an online class. Completed Jan. 11th, 2014!

Write an open letter to someone about something.

Watch a random documentary on Netflix.

Treat myself to something I don’t usually make time or money for.

Write encouraging things on Post-It notes and stick them in random books in the library.

Walk around Belmont’s campus and go into a building I’ve never been in before.

Write a fan letter to my favorite blogger.

Plan my fictional Pinterest wedding.

Record a cooking show.

Relive a day in my childhood.

Go vegan/vegetarian for a week.

Tackle everything on my To-Do list.

Send an anonymous gift to somebody.

Become an expert in a unknown sport. Completed Jan. 31st, 2014!

Eat nothing from a can, bag, or box.

Take time to appreciate one person each day this week.

Write a poem each day.

Organize and clean.

Write down dreams for the 5, 10, and 15 year mark.

Make a Promise Card and fulfill it.

Find a cause I’m passionate about and become an active advocate.

Start an investment in something.

Write down all my bad habits and work on eliminating one.

Get to bed at a decent time each day this week.

“Be all there” in the time I spend with people.

Learn to juggle. Completed (read: attempted) Jan. 15th, 2014!

Dress for success every day this week.

Write a short story.

Connect with someone from a different country and become pals!

Create a whole new list for 2015.

Have a blessed 2014!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Eric Owens says:

    I thought you were about to take this the direction of “I’m only going to focus on one or two resolutions this year”, but nope, you went WAY more ambitious. I’m interested in how long you can stick with it. Best of luck to you! I love the weekly resolution idea.

    1. Jeanette Morelan says:

      Haha! I tend to surprise. I’ve got a couple of life challenges and principles I want to keep in mind, but I like tangible results. :) Happy New Year!

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